Cake Wrecks: At least it’s not a land war in Asia

Cake Wrecks is one of my favorite blogs. It seeks out, and laughs at, snort-worthy “professional cakes gone horribly, hilariously wrong.” Wrong in what way you ask? Everything from spelling mistakes, implosions, sad character representations, and, sometimes, pure grossness.

One of their all time greats is the Baby Carrot Jockey cake.

Carrot Jockey Babies

courtesy of Cake Wrecks

The entry from July 12th, At Least It’s Not a Land War in Asia, features some classic piping faux pas. Not that these bakers could spell that correctly.

Literally "Just Wedding Cake"

courtesy of Cake Wrecks

Check out Cake Wrecks. Let me know which cakes had you spurting coffee on the computer screen.


One thought on “Cake Wrecks: At least it’s not a land war in Asia

  1. I got to Molly’s. Bar last night and I saw a band called Biscuit head and the Biscuit Badgers, I have never seen such a mad band ever before. They came onto the the stage at one in the morning dressed up as badgers. And then they started on these really odd songs about David Attenborough, Tea and CHEESE! Easily the oddest night of my life. Well worth a listen to if they ever are in your area, along as you can handle some cake based innuendo!

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