Two Go In, One Comes Out: American Idol XIII Top 2

Jena Irene and Caleb Top 2 Diptych

Michael Becker / Fox

For American Idol XIII contestants, the season is at the climax. Two went in, and only one would come out. It is hard to imagine the chummy finalists, Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson, actually coming to fisticuffs, despite the faux prom battle that kicked off the show, but each battled for the title currently owned by Season XII winner Candace Glover. Unfortunately, that lovely lady, who brought us moments like “Lovesong,” “I (Who Have Nothing),” and “Straight Up, has been seemingly cast aside by Idol management—a rant worthy of its own blog article.

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Michael Becker - Fox

Won’t You Stay, Just a Little Bit Longer?


American Idol Top 3: Alex Preston, Jena Irene, and Caleb Johnson


Jena Irene and Alex Preston delivered sublime performances in Top 3 Week on American Idol, but producer Per Blankens made front-runner Caleb Johnson’s bruised vocal chords the lead story, unfortunately. Regrettably, the judges gave Caleb a pass despite his butchering of the poignant INXS ballad, “Never Tear Us Apart” and a forgettable “Demons” by Imagine Dragons. Perhaps Caleb wouldn’t have lost his voice if he didn’t throw out gratuitous glory notes whenever the camera was on him. Continue reading


In Xanadu did Kubla Khan …

Nature and Nature’s laws lay hid in night

God said: “Let Newton be!” and all was light.

 Alexander Pope

I felt as though I were on a wingèd chariot, fingers flying across the keyboard writing to enlighten the medical masses like the goddess Eos, dawn, accompanying her brother Helios brightening the cloaked night sky. Then I came to methodology. Eos’ rosy fingers were left behind as Helios climbed in the cerulean sky and eventually sank into his golden cup in the west leaving behind Nyx, the night,  who drew a dark veil of mist summoned from the underworld over my eyes, blotting out the light. Neither Athena the goddess of wisdom nor Zeus, Olympians of wisdom and order, could draw me out of the miasma. Only I could save myself.

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Leo THJA 2

This Old Horse

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I haven’t ridden in almost a month due to a summer sojourn back east and other various summer activities. This October I’m hoping to ride in the Grass Ridge Horse Trials in the Beginner Novice division. Now, while I’m neither a beginner or a novice rider, really, I haven’t jumped over 2’6″ regularly since I sold my old thoroughbred Nigel before moving to Tucson, AZ from Jacksonville, FL. Plus, both of us – the horse and me – are out of shape. He has an excuse, however; I do not. Continue reading

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Cake Wrecks: At least it’s not a land war in Asia

Cake Wrecks is one of my favorite blogs. It seeks out, and laughs at, snort-worthy “professional cakes gone horribly, hilariously wrong.” Wrong in what way you ask? Everything from spelling mistakes, implosions, sad character representations, and, sometimes, pure grossness. Continue reading